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    Not a Person – A Secular Argument for Abortion Restrictions

    One of my main frustrations with the topic is yet another distortion brought by the left: that it is a religious vs secular issue: that the only possible exception to abortion comes from a position of faith, Christian faith particularly. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am not religious. Here are my secular objections. They are based in moral judgements elemental to humans the world over, independent of faith.

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    You Can Predict the Future Using Nothing but a Brain. And a Spine.

    Some claim that when it came to COVID vaccine efficacy or danger, all of us were guessing in the beginning. None of us had anything meaningful to go on. Others claimed there was no sure way to claim that anything untoward or dishonest was happening. This article intends to demonstrate that this is not the case by using straightforward thinking and an unwillingness to be persuaded to forget inconvenient facts. Mainly the latter. Before this all started, there were things we all knew axiomatically. Things so well known and proven you didn’t, and still don’t, need examples, proof or evidence of them. “Things fall down” level obvious things. When you…

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    The Types of Coerced

    When coercion is applied to information or belief, people can tend to react in a set of predictable ways, some with differences, causes and effects that aren't immediately obvious. I've found it useful to categorize them. You might find these categories useful descriptors for those around you as well.

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    Zimbabwean Economics – A guest article by future Paul Krugman

    Note from the editor: Our crack team of journalists have invented a time machine, but it only works right now for accessing as of yet unpublished New York Times op-eds. We’re making the best of it and are proud to present this piece from Paul Krugman published on June 3rd, 2024, where apparently medical technology has advanced at a downright disturbing pace ever since Biden mandated that all bank accounts with over $600 transfer the excess directly to Pfizer and the infrastructure bill is still being debated in Congress. (Pictured: the author and his booster augmentation) They only don’t like it because they’re racist Republicans are once again threatening their…

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    Primal Fears

    Design or emergent system? In my last post, Abortion Controversies are Big in Texas, I touched on a topic that deserves exposition. I briefly stated that gun rights are the political right’s mirror image of abortion for the political left. This is a meme that has been bouncing around in my head for some time now. Despite the popularity of social constructivist theories pertaining to gender, evolution has one thing to say most loudly on the topic: men evolved to protect families and women evolved to create families. A gun represents a man’s ultimate ability to perform his ultimate purpose, an enhancement of his control over that purpose. Reproductive control…

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    Abortion Controversies are Big in Texas

    I’m quite torn on this issue. In four ways to be exact: 1 I’m personally pro-choice. It’s part of my political platform of pragmatism. I imagine an embryo might not feel pain quite like a baby does, physical or psychological. I didn’t think to test this out when I was one and don’t remember back then anyway. So if I’m going to weigh the pain an embryo feels at being aborted versus what a child might feel like being raised by a mother who would have preferred he not exist, I’m honestly going with the child’s pain being greater. Therefore, abortion is a minimizer of pain. 2 “So you’re in…